Monday, January 10, 2011


Well, the day has arrived. I am thirty. The world didn't end or anything. I'm not holed up in my bedroom. I'm even in a good mood. I think that I was so preoccupied with the idea of turning thirty and what it might do to me, I didn't even realize it wasn't really bothering me all that much. For some reason twenty six really kicked my butt. And now looking back, I think that was my meltdown year. I mean, don't we all have a meltdown year? I'm going to declare twenty six my meltdown year and go with the theory that I won't have anymore difficult birthdays!

So, in honor of becoming thirty, and in attempt to remind myself that thirty is OK, that I'm not OLD (yet), and that the best is yet to come, here are some things about thirty that I will embrace. I wanted to do thirty things, but wow that's a lot ;)

  • Twenties are associated with stupidity. I'm not stupid :)
  •  I'm done with my college years. No more papers :)
  • I like how it sounds when I say, "I'm thirty years old, he/she can't tell me what to do."
  • I'm the same age the friends were on Friends. They made thirty look way fun.
  • I can be friends with people younger than me and it's no longer "weird."
  • I've had nearly ten years to practice my cooking, and I'm actually pretty good at it!
  • I say, "I'm thirty," and people don't believe I'm that old.
  • I have accomplished all the goals I set for myself in my younger days. Now I get to achieve new ones!
  • I'm getting married to someone I absolutely know will love me for me and help me make a happy family for the rest of my life.
  • With technology and modern medicine, I can consider myself just half-way up the hill, not over it.
  • I know who I am and what I want. I'm no longer in the "figuring it out" stage.
  • I have great friends who love me no matter what!
  • I got gray hair in my twenties, so I can scratch that off the "things to dread about turning 30" list.
  • I'm past the toddler years with Chloe, but not to the teen years. It's a great stage. 
  • Oprah says fifty is the "new" thirty, so I'm actually only ten in Oprah years.

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