Monday, May 28, 2012


"MOM! You un-did my special sister magic!"

I hear this phrase often. What it means? I've woken Kailyn. Chloe believes she has special sister magic that calms her baby sister and lulls her to sleep.

I'm not so sure she isn't right.

There are times I have to stop and do something for myself. Take a shower. Keep dinner from burning. Dry my hair. Small tasks that don't take long, but require putting the baby down and using both free hands.

It's those times when I hand her off to Chloe. Usually she's already sleeping, and Chloe doesn't have to use the "magic."

But there are times when I'm holding Kailyn and she starts to fuss. She isn't hungry. She isn't dirty. Sometimes I wonder if she isn't just BORED of looking at my face all day every day.

So I pass her off to Chloe.

And more times than not, they lock eyes and settle down together. Chloe talks to her, rubs her head, and soon Miss Kailyn is quiet, if not sleeping.

Sister magic.

Works for me :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Birthday Story

I guess her birth story really starts on Monday. That's the day my doctor decided that if I hadn't gone into labor by the following Tuesday (May 8th) she would break my water and bring this baby on. I was already 5cm, and since labor with Chloe was a mere 6 hours, she was a little nervous about letting me go too long, for fear I may have the baby in the car. YIPES!

So she scheduled me at the hospital.

In the true fashion of her last name and all related, Bebe decided she would wreck the plan ;)

I went to work on Tuesday and felt really well. I was getting all the loose ends tied up and trying to do ahead everything I could, knowing Friday would be my last day. (Knowing? Ahahahaha Bebe laughs)

Wednesday I did the same at home. I'd been nesting, so it was not too messy, but I cleaned, even the ceiling fans, did dishes, laundry, and everything else I could think of. I was ready to enjoy the upcoming weekend, my last before bebe would arrive. (Again, she laughs).

Mister had worked late that night and he and the boys were hanging out after work.

I got Miss Chloe to bed, watched some tv, then laid down for the night.

And the contractions began. They were the usual Braxton Hicks that I was accustomed to. I wasn't even getting my hopes up.

But by about 10:00 they were a little more intense. I was becoming uncomfortable. I don't recall all the events within that hour, but at 11:08 I sent hubby a message that said "CALL ME NOW!" He was already in the drive way, and though I was very serious, he was in denial that this was "it." He even went to lie down and told me to wake him if things didn't slow down.

By midnight I had convinced him that this was NOT a false alarm (probably the change from my calm voice to my incessant whining interrupted by fits of explanations as to HOW! MUCH! it hurt). My brother-in-law came lickety-split and picked up Chlo, and we headed to the hospital. Longest drive to Bolivar EVER.

I have no cute pictures of me propped in a hospital bed, smiling, awaiting her arrival. I spent most of my time wiggling and moving to different positions trying to find ANY relief. The rest of my time was spent asking WHEN the anesthesiologist would be there, and COULD I PLEASE get SOMETHING in my IV?

I big ol' syringe full of morphine didn't even phase me.

I came in at a 6.5 and by 2:30 I was 8. I got my epidural shortly thereafter. If there is ONE thing that can keep you still during a hellatious contraction, it's a huge needle in your back and fear of paralysis.

Finally the epidural was complete. Unfortunately, it only took on one side, so while I got SOME relief, I was still feeling full-on contractions on the right side. They only gave me one initial dose of the epidural, and told me that would last two hours. If she wasn't here by then, they'd bring a pump, but they didn't foresee it being that long. I text my mom and told her we planned on having a baby by 5 and would see visitors after six.

 Within fifteen minutes they checked me (probably because of my STILL incessant whining) and I was complete. Ready to go.

Remember how that epidural didn't take on one side? It didn't do much south of le belly button, either....

Luckily it only took a few pushes, and in about five minutes Kailyn Dean was born. She made it to this world at 3:20am weighing 6lbs 10oz and measuring 19 3/4" and she was absolutely perfect.

Ten fingers, and ten tiny little toes...

The mister said he did not want to hold her until everything was finished and all the hospital staff had left. But when the nurses got that baby wrapped up and thrust her toward him, he latched onto her like nothing I've ever seen, and he's been madly in love ever since.

We all have...

l <3 v e

Friday, May 4, 2012

You wouldn't think she could've surprised us. We've been half-way expecting her early arrival for two weeks now. But late Wednesday night my little independent spirit had us rushing to the hospital. My first 'real' contractions were around 10pm, and at 3:20am we welcomed our daughter into the world. I'll write her birth story later, but for now, I'd like you to meet Kailyn Dean. 6lbs 10oz 19.75"