Thursday, January 27, 2011

My tweeps ain't twits...

Sooooo if you haven't noticed via Facebook I'm tweeting now. Twitting? I twit? A grammar geek and Twitter don't really go together well...but I'm working on it!

After a Twitter Etiquette 101 crash course by my friend Chris, I was able to get going again (I had a slight experimental phase with Twitter two years was just a fling). I have to say. I. Love. IT!  Originally I was getting phone updates constantly, and I got irritated with it. Now that I have a firm grip on some of the lingo and have changed my notifications, I'm LOVING it :)

I've already had the privilege of communication with the one and only ChibiJeebs, who writes one of my favorite blogs :)  I'm keeping up with the hilarious comments from Joel McHale (do you watch "The Soup?" You must, you must!) and pondering the musings of Ashton Kutcher.

Do you tweet? Are you a twitterer? Do you have patience for an old dog learning new tricks? YOU should follow me :) I'll follow you back. I'm unit_a

*Disclaimer: Blog writer will not be held responsible for massive updates and random thoughts. Unit_A is not directly affiliated with this blog or its users (even though she really is...shh...).  

Ok I'm done. Before you report me to the sanity police and send over straight jackets....

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