Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm a Habitual Eater.

I went to the fridge around eleven yesterday morning and opened the crisper. Suddenly my pulse began to race and my breath was short. I was.....I was....OUT of romaine!  I got mad and frustrated and as whiny as a two year old not getting his way.

What? You were nearly in tears over not having a salad? Make a grilled cheese, you LOVE those! There are chips on the fridge, even baked ones so you won't feel guilty. There's turkey and ham, whole wheat bread and wraps...what's the matter?

The problem is that I am a habitual eater. We all have a tendency to get stuck on a certain cereal or cola, but I'm a hardcore habitual eater (We won't even discuss my food quirks like no water-dwelling creatures and nothing creamy, because that's another blog in itself).

There is something so comforting about eating habitually. I look forward to it every day/night. Some of my food habits? Every night since December 2000 I have NEEDED a tall glass of grape juice next to my bed. I do not exaggerate when I say many a tear has been shed when I didn't have any. Oh and it has to be Welch's 100% juice. I used to eat a grilled cheese and Doritos every day at 11:00 while I watched Ellen (now I'm on salad). At one time I couldn't watch American Idol without Oreos (that's still a tough one). I ate two bologna sandwiches every day for an entire summer in high school. Even when I'm not hungry, my "habits" have to be exercised.

So today after I dropped Chloe off at school I went in to town to get romaine from the store. I came home and had my big salad, and it was wonderful. I'm lucky this food habit is a good one...because they aren't always so healthy.


  1. I have to start my day off with a bagel. If I don't get it I am not happy for the day. Im glad I am not the only food quirky person out there!

  2. I am intrigued with other people's food quirks. I could write a book on mine :) Wonder if there's psychology to it?