Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Birthday Blahs

"Hey, Mom, whatcha wanna do fun for your birffday?" Chloe asked me just a day or two ago. It's less than a week until the "big" day, and I have to say I'm not feeling it this year. At all.

"I'm one of those unlucky January birthday people, Chlo. There's nothing fun to do on a January birthday. Can't go to the beach or have a pool party. Can't go to the park. Half the time it snows." I said, kind of sadly.

I was worried about turning 30 last year, but ended up taking it like a champ. Turns out it's being OVER 30 that bugs me. And I mean bugs me. I'm just really dreading this birthday.

Like I told Chloe, it's January. I just got the tree down. No more glow of the twinkly lights or smell of sugar cookies. The post-Christmas let-down makes it even tougher to get excited. We're expecting a baby, and have so much to buy and do before May. So shopping or anything of the sort will only cause guilt over money spent that needs to be saved.

And baby on the way means I won't even get to enjoy my two Long Island Iced Teas during my birthday dinner at Applebee's.


So what's left for a pregnant 31-year old to do on her January birthday? Sit on the couch and eat cake, I suppose. Two pieces. ;) I don't mean to be melodramatic, I just think this might be yet another birthday meltdown year =/ Cheers.