Wednesday, January 19, 2011

All things Wedding....

I decided to write all things wedding on a different blog. This will have more private things on it than I normally include, and I want to be sure I have the ability to screen who reads the details :)


If you're interested in following my wedding blog, I'd LOVE to share my journey with you! Please leave me the e-mail address you'll use to sign-in as a comment here, in a message here, or send me a message to Facebook. You can also reach me via e-mail at  You HAVE to be added to the e-mail list to read my entries, so be sure you let me know so I can add you!

I look forward to this blog. It will be fun to write my entries with wild abandon since I know who will be reading them :)  Let me know if you have problems! As soon as I get your address you'll get an e-mail invitation.

See you soon!

1 comment:

  1. We best keep up with the event:
    Hope all's well.
    I know you must be enjoying this weather :)
    I would be, if I could stay at home :)