Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Talking "The Talk"

Sometimes I get "the look" from other moms when I divulge just how much Chloe knows about 'the birds and the bees.'

We've left all the romantic lustful graphic stuff out, other than it being related to "private time" for mommy and daddy, but as far as biology goes, she pretty much knows where babies come from.

There isn't much choice, you know, when she sees a bull mounting a cow, or a calf hanging out of its mama, or our pet pig having his way with a bucket...

It's been a topic among moms lately, so I have been considering my approach a little more in-depth. Recently a read an article that suggests we stop having "THE" talk, in favor of more open conversation throughout life, adjusting as the children mature. I liked that. It's basically what I've been doing, so maybe it was just nice to see it affirmed.

I have no "talk" to dread with Chloe. We simply weave the questions and appropriate conversations into our daily lives.

Recently, this came in handy when she was tearful as I cracked eggs into a bowl.

"Poor little chickies!" she nearly cried. I explained to her that all moms, even me, have 'blank' eggs every so often. She'd questioned the "time of the month" several months back, so we have had that talk, too. It put her mind at ease to know that we weren't murdering helpless baby chicks (most of the time hehe).

I had to laugh, though, last night, when her grown-up subject matter collided with her child-like mind. She was eating her dessert, and stopped to come into the living room and talk with me.

"Hey mom, I gotta queshtion," she said. I raised my eyebrows waiting for it.

"Do me and Kailyn drop eggs every month? Or is it just grown-ups?" I told her as soon as her body was mature enough, probably as a teen, is when that would begin.

"So THAT'S why there's such a thing as Teen Mom," she concluded.

And it gives me a little hope that she's already got a leg up on most teenage girls.