Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow days hinder WWL

Last week was my kick-off week for WWL. I did awesome. I lost 4.2lbs and felt really good about my food choices. I was gung-ho, as they say, to see what week two would have in store.

Then the snow storm hit. I had stocked up on food and snacks (bad Mama) knowing I'd be inside with the family for several days, and knowing Chloe would need a variety of treats and lunch choices to keep her sane.  I did not expect the following:

"Sweetie, will you fix me some lunch? Two grilled ham-and-cheese sandwiches?" he asked so sweetly.  Ok. It probably sounded more like, "What are you fixing for lunch? I want grilled ham and cheese. Two of 'em," at which point I gave him "the look," and he revised it to the previous statement.

I stood in the kitchen, my mouth watering at the smell and sight of melting cheese and butter, with ham warming between. I couldn't be satisfied with a salad. I just couldn't. So I had tomato soup as a compromise. With crackers.

Monday night was cashew chicken, of which I partook only mildly. Chlo doesn't like it, so she begged for goulash (the Americanized kind. You know. Spaghetti 86 spaghetti noodles sub elbow macaroni) Since I had to open a new jar of sauce, I deemed Tuesday night spaghetti night.

Spaghetti is my Kryptonite. For real. Noodles...ohhhhh the noodles. And the garlic bread. I can eat it until my stomach bursts and still not be satisfied. I didn't, though. But I came darn close =/

Today I had cereal for breakfast, and no snack. I fixed the Mister grilled ham-and-cheese AGAIN, and even though I decided in my mind I'd screw it and just eat one, my will-power prevailed. I had my usual salad.

Oh. Did I mention they requested my amazing chocolate chip cookies for dessert? The kind made with a half pound of real sweet cream butter, brown sugar, and semi-sweet morsels? The kind that are even better before they're baked? I only had one cookie....but that's not counting the seven I ate in dough ;)

Hopefully all the snow-trudging I did yesterday, and pulling the sled up the hill will make up for it...but I'm not looking forward to Friday. I'll be ready to get back to our normal routine, which somehow makes it easier to stick to my Operation WWL. Until then....wish me luck!

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  1. Celebrate the small victories. Dough doesn't count does it?? I thought it had to be cooked and formed into a cookie to count? NO? darn...