Saturday, February 12, 2011

More Critter Drama

I was kinda bored on Thursday, and I knew the snow days had been taking a toll on Chloe, too, so I asked her if she wanted to play critters together again. OH of course she did! I suggested she bring the doll house in the living room and put a blanket on the floor (we have a green one) for the yard.

"WOW MOM YOU'RE SO SMART!" Ahh the joys of having a four year old worship you ;)

Anyway, I instructed her to set up the house while I finished washing and ironing [my hair...bahahahahahaha]. I had an hour or so before I had to tackle dishes and start supper, so what better way to spend it? She got the stuff out, and I joined her on the living room floor.

Truth be told: She watched TV while I did allll the setting up. And I'm not really complaining...ahh my inner child! Anyway, I got the house all put together and we started to play. I was instructed to be the beaver family, whose dad was "missing" (aka lost in the abyss). I made my beaver woman a staunch British woman who was blunt and crass. For example, she used the Bunny family bathroom and tooted loudly, exclaiming (in her British accent) "OH MY! Oh woopsie daisy!" making my daughter double over with laughter.

While my lady (if you call her that) was on the toilet, Mrs Hedgehog (also mine) and Mrs. Bunny (Chlo) were discussing how rude Mrs. Beaver was. Chloe, er ah, Mrs. Bunny, explained that Mrs. Beaver and her husband had broken up recently because he hated children, and that she needed a husband to teach her how to act. She then offered to let HER husband go to Mrs. Beaver's house each day, and I, er uh, Mrs. Hedgehog (aka Mrs. Prim-n-Proper) told her that's not a good idea to let your husband go wandering. ;)

Finally the Beaver family left, and the Hedgehogs decided to have a sleepover at the Bunny house. While Mrs. Bunny (Chloe) was getting her family in bed and bringing up sleeping bags from the basement for MY family, she told this story (AS Mrs. Bunny):

"Here, you can use my son's sleepin' bag [little boy bunny also lost in the abyss]. I used to have a son, but he died," she said sadly.
"Oh dear," Mrs. Hedgehog consoled.
"Yeah. I left him at his Nana's one day when I had to work, and she took him to a bar. He sneaked her husband's beer when he wasn't lookin', and he died from it," she said, so seriously, blinking her eyes long, and shaking her little head.
"Oh that's awful," I uttered, using all my might to stifle a laugh.
"Yeah. I didn't know nuffin' about it, either. She just, let him get that drug of beer and dat's not for kids ya know. Now he's dead."

I quickly told her I would be devastated if that happened to my sweet little family, then offered to help put the children to bed to lighten the play mood. I guess I won't have to worry about her experimenting with alcohol for a long time :) I'm not sure where she gets this stuff, but it's priceless!


  1. Sounds like she will be staying away from "dat stuff" for a while!

  2. It's amazing (and a little bit scary!) what kids come up with and the things they say! Sounds like a good day playing! :)