Friday, February 4, 2011

No Five Questions this Friday

First of all, deepest condolences to Mama M, our 5QF hostess. She lost her brother-in-law in a tragic accident this week, so there's no blog hop this Friday. :(  I guess I could make up some random questions to answer for you, but I'm not gonna. Instead, you're left with merely a WWL update. Yawn, right?

Chloe came bounding in my room this morning. "Mama, will you make me cinnamon rolls for brektfkist today, pretty please?" (De physical appearance of de please makes no difference...) I thought they sounded amazing as well.  Mmmmmm cinnamon rolls. Warm, gooey, doughy cinnamon rolls!

But wait.

I've been bad all week. Not bad, bad, but not good good. And I haven't been active AT ALL.

So I decided I better weigh-in first.

I held my breath and tried my hardest to keep my weight balanced on both feet (so the Wii wouldn't yell at me)..


Not even a tenth of a pound. How about that?!?! YAY! I know, I know, I should've lost at least a pound, but that's ok. So I am treating myself to a cinnamon roll on the condition that I burn off at least twice the calories it costs ;)

Here's to being back in the game this week!

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