Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chibi Made Me Do It...

I read a blog recently titled "This is not beautiful," and related to it so much. I'm not really one to bare my soul on my blog, or to even be serious most of the time, but when I read that post I saw so much of myself in it. I think most girls/women would feel the same.

A few days later she posted what I'd call a bizarr-o post titled "I'm Kinda Okay." She encouraged all those readers who felt they could relate to her "not beautiful" post to try and write something similar to her "okay" post. One where we force ourselves to see the beauty we normally overlook in ourselves. To ADMIT there are beautiful things about ourselves, even though we might cringe at the thought of saying something physically positive about ourselves.

So. Here goes. These are the things I find beautiful about myself:
  • My eyes. Someone once told me I had sunflower eyes and it forever changed my opinion of what I thought were 'dull brown' eyes. They look especially pretty when they're all dolled up and ready for a night out ;)
  • My non-judgmental-ness (word?). I pride myself in my ability to accept others the way they are, to not pick at their faults or judge them for their past or current choices. And it's genuine.
  • My hair. Wait what? Yes. There are times it drives me CRAZY, and times I want to pull it out. And yes, it's cluttered with gray now from stress and genes, but it's baby fine, and when it's all dried out and ironed it's as smooth as silk and when it's cut just right, it lays so pretty...and I like it :)
  • I'm sooooooo laid-back. Go with the flow. You won't have trouble getting along with me. I'm not all that hard to please. I like the simple things.
  • My uh, how you say, badonkadonk? It's carrying a little more "junk" than at its best, but I have a great hiney and I know it :) I NEVER had a butt at ALL as a teenager, so when I womanized and actually grew a butt, I rather liked it. I really love accentuating it with Silver or BKE jeans, too. Mmhm.
  • I love whole-heartedly. This often leads to brokenness of said heart. But still. I love (love you long time) :)

That ought to about do it. I tried to balance some physical and metaphysical characteristics and keep it real. I am not sure if it makes me feel better about myself or more nervous about clicking "publish post," but Chibi told me to do it. So I did it :)


  1. Love, love, LOVE this post! And I adore the term "sunflower eyes" - now I'm kinda back to wishing I had pretty brown eyes. ;)


  2. I also love this post..what a great idea!

    Also. The fact that you used the term 'badonkadonk'? You win. Times a BAZILLION.

    Love. It.