Friday, February 25, 2011

Andy can't drive a stick.

First let me tell you why I've been so absent from you, dear reader. I have been spring cleaning. Yeah. Hardcore. Remember how I said I don't really do a spring cleaning? Well this year I decided to try it out. Things were cluttered and dirty and I decided this cold nasty week was perfect for getting everything spic and span again. So I've neglected my blog. But I'm back now...and you know what???

It's FRIDAY, y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!  Are you excited? I am, although this weekend is bitter-sweet for me. My beloved Mister is away. Other than an over-night last spring, we've not spent a night apart...well...since I had pneumonia in November 2009. I miss him so very much! In previous relationships I often welcomed some "time away" from the other party, but we just haven't reached that stage (er ah, I haven't anyway he he). In leiu of his presence, I am smothering myself in family/girl time (and food) this weekend. Chloe and I are going to have dinner and hang out at my mom's tonight, then tomorrow my BFF and MOH (same person, of course) will be in town. Whether we kick it with pizza and movies in p.j.s or head for someplace populated, it will be some much-needed catch-up time! There are lots of wedding things to discuss and look at, and lots of bad food to be eaten! All these lovely ladies will keep my heart happy until my other half makes it safely back. Goodness I love him!

Anyway. Since it's Friday, that means 5QF! Are you ready? Can you handle it?  Here it is!

1. Can you drive a stick shift?

No. I've lurched one around a little bit, and I did give up in 1998 on an old truck, so I might be able to handle a newer, easier one, but it's doubtful. I KNOW how to do it. I UNDERSTAND the concept. Someone "teaching" me wouldn't help. It's just the darn fact that I can't physically coordinate my body correctly. Imagine that, right? :) I remember when I left the spring semi-formal dance with this boy (OMG you've never heard the Prom story! Holy Blog Topic, Batman!) who would later become infamous in my story-telling. He thought it would be to teach me to drive his truck: a standard (saying stick-shift in reference to a boy story sounds naughty). I was all pretty and in my highest heels. Rather than us laughing in slow motion and a romantic song playing over our muted scene (as in a movie), he got an awkward look on his face as I tried my best, then said, "Ok, ok, let's quit. You're going to burn up my clutch."  :) Ahhh romantic.

2. What are two foods you just can't eat?
Oh good grief, Charlie Brown. There are more than two. But I shall steer clear of condiments and food accessories and limit this to two.

1. Cottage cheese. Gag me. I have that whole 'creamy' issue, and I also have that whole 'texture' issue, which are both violated by said cheese. Plus it smells like old milk. Puke.

2. Broccoli. I cant' stand it. Smother it in cheese, it's still broccoli. It's got a staunch taste I absolutely loathe, and my tongue can identify it even in it's smallest piece within some kind of casserole or dish. Blech!

3. Do you buy Girl Scout Cookies? What is your favorite kind?
YES! I was an active member of Girl Scouts my entire school career. Yep, started as a Daisy in Kindergarten and stuck with it alllllll the way through my senior year of school (Cadets? Seniors? I can't remember the order, now). Somewhere around 8th or 9th grade we quit camps altogether and mostly just sold cookies and went to Tan Tar A :) We knew what the good stuff was!

Anyway. Around here it's hard to find GS Cookies, but when I do, I always buy Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Patties (NOT Sandwiches). I never did accept all those "new" names they got, such as Samoas and Tag Alongs. Ridiculous. Anyway, Thin Mints and PBPatties are my two favorites. Chilled with milk. Mmm.

4. How do you pamper yourself?
I don't really "pamper" myself as far as manicures or massages, or even getting my hair colored. I can't really think of anything I do to pamper myself, unless you count Friday nights as pampering. The Mister and I always make a point to spend Friday night together. Sometimes Chloe will join us, but usually it's just the two of us, and we always eat out, whether it's McDonald's or pizza, Smith's or Lonestar. And I almost always either get a drink or dessert (usually the latter). So I guess that's going to have to count!

5. What is your nickname and how did you get it?
I don't really have a nickname I use, or am called by anymore unless "Mommy" or "Mama" count.

In my younger years Tab, Kristin, and Jodi all called me Andy (and they each spelled it differently!) My Uncle Larry is the only one who still calls me that; in fact, I don't know if he has EVER called me Andrea. And my Mister calls me Baby, which still makes my knees weak *blush*

Happy Friday once again, and have a great weekend!

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