Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Said, "YES" to a Dress!

There will be a lot more details (and pictures!) on my Wedding Tales page. I, however, can't wait to tell you that I FOUND A DRESS! Not only did I FIND a dress. I BOUGHT a dress :)

My appointment was at 5:30, and the store closed at 7:00, so I knew I needed to use my time wisely. I filled out the paperwork, then was told to choose my top three gowns to try on. TOP THREE?!?! The two favorites they didn't have in the store, and the other one not in my size. Aggh!

So I thumbed through the book and found a couple I liked. Both were side-swept with ruching. Then I told the consultant, "Just for a different look, let's try this one," and pointed to an ivory lace gown. She pulled the dresses, and as soon as I saw the ivory gown, even just in the bag, I loved it. I tried it on first, and I absolutely loved it.

I tried on the other two, and several more after that, but in my mind I knew I just loved that lace gown. When I finally checked the tag, it was way out of my price-range. As I was debating which "second" choice gown to consider, the consultant told me she had an idea.

She ran off and returned with a beautiful ivory lace gown, a little different in style, but that was from last season and was on clearance :) I tried the gown and two more similar to it and I loved it. It was almost as amazing as the first one, and when I put price in the equation, I knew it was the dress for me!

I got to eat at Lonestar afterwards, and that was almost as great as finding my perfect wedding dress.


  1. Very exciting! Does it fit well, need a lot of alterations? How does this effect the diet?

  2. It fits really well! I could've squeezed into a size smaller, and hoped to lose 5lbs or so more, but I decided NOT to do that to myself. I figure I'm going to keep trying my hardest, and if I have to pay to have it made a little smaller, I probably won't mind a bit ;)

  3. Great decision! I am sure you will be a beautiful bride! The dress is the biggie, its a cake walk from here :)