Friday, August 26, 2011


1. Did you make any fun purchases this week?

It's probably not what you'd consider a typical "fun" purchase. I didn't buy new shoes or a cute purse. Didn't get any new electronic gadgets. I bought my daughter a dish-rag doll at Casey's (gas station/convenience store if you're unfamiliar).

I took her to meet her dad and she saw the hand-sewn doll hanging in the window. She fell in love with it. I had just given her the weekly allowance, which would pay for half. Burned out and tired of always being the one to fork over the cash (we had just spent my entire paycheck on school supplies and clothes the week before), I told her she could either save her allowance until next week and buy the doll herself, or see if her dad would kick in the other FIVE dollars for the doll.

When he arrived she ran out to his Jeep Liberty and begged him to come see it. He told her no, he just didn't have the money to pay for half the doll (then proceeded to drive her three hours away to visit his new girlfriend whom she's never met, but that's a story for another day). She didn't cry. But her face. She was heart-broken.

So what did I do? Instead of putting in five and paying for half the doll I went in after they left and bought her the stinking doll. It's not worth ten dollars. It's a dish rag with a stocking sewn on, but she loved it.

But when she came home and found the little rag doll lying on her pillow, her face was priceless. And because it was such an emotional journey for her, she's super attached to that silly little rag. And those moments are what being a mom is all about :)
2. If you could go to any musical concert, what would it be?

LIKE you don't know! Ok, ok if you're not my Facebook friend you might not.

My favorite musician of all-time is Jamey Johnson. Of all genres, all years, all bands, he is my one and only. I love everything about him. His voice. His songs. His troubled eyes. His demeanor. *swoon* And I have YET to see him live :( One day I will. One day. But until then, I just listen to his music and pretend he is here with me in spirit. We mow together. We go for walks together. We commiserate when I have a bad day. We go backroading (although the Mister often crowds him out). And although he's big and hairy now, beneath that ZZ Top beard is a burly, sexy man with piercing blue eyes that have a real story to tell.
He seriously sings my soul. If you want to listen to a smattering of his music, my short list includes "Place Out on the Ocean," "That's How I Don't Love You," "The Last Cowboy," "Give It Away," (a song he wrote for George Strait) and "In Color." And that's my super short list. I love all his music. All. But my favorite song ever ever ever is "High Cost of Living."

3. What is your least fav/ most fav house chore?
My least favorite is dishes. MAN I hate dishes! HATE HATE HATE! I miss my dishwasher SO much! Sometimes I refuse to cook JUST because I don't wanna do dishes.

But I LOVE to mow. It's that one thing I can do where NO ONE will bother me. The sun shines on my shoulders, I plug in my MP3, pour myself a refreshing beverage, and spend some time with myself (and Jamey!). It's truly the best.

4. Would you prefer new appliances or clothes?
If you would buy me a dishwasher (and figure out a way to install it in our kitchen..therein lies the problem), I would wear the same t-shirts and jeans for two whole years.
If we're just talking about a washer and a fridge, I'd rather have all new clothes.
5. Miracle Whip or Mayo?
EW and double EW. I have a texture issue and I do NOT eat anything creamy. This includes all salad dressing (clear-ish only) and condiments. No yogurt. No sour cream. No French onion dip. No, no, no. Chocolate pudding is the only real exception to that rule, and I could live without it. Bleh!

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  1. I am glad you got her the doll! It may be just a doll to her now but one day it will be a precious memory and instead of being a disappointing memory it will be a memory of another time her mommy had her back! That is never a bad thing to have a reminder of!