Friday, September 9, 2011

Ten years...

Sunday marks ten years now. And I think I can speak for most in saying sometimes it seems like just yesterday. Sitting there, watching the panic-stricken faces of the news casters. Hearing them sound so human for the first time, and wondering, "What's next?"

I've thought a lot about 9/11 lately, and I heard something on the radio today that really hit home for me. The radio personality said that of all the horrific things happening that day, the worst may have been the unknown.

What had happened? Who was attacking us? Would every plane in the US fall from the sky? Would every well-known building or landmark be destroyed? Was this war? Could it happen again?

We panicked, not knowing what would come. Afraid we'd be without food and fuel, electricity maybe, water. Basic needs for everyday life. Frightened for our country, for our lives. For our future.
And on top of that, we never saw it coming. We sat idly in our homes, eating breakfast, shuffling kids off to school, taking a shower, driving to work, and little did we know that moments later our lives would change forever. Our country would change forever. History was in the making.

Tragedy is always just that: tragic. It strikes without rhyme or reason to most of us. It leaves us wounded and scarred, but I think it hurts the very worst when we never saw it coming, and we don't know when it will end.

Never forget.

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  1. It definitely was a scary time. I don't think that anyone, even those not directly affected by it, will ever forget.