Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Ok let's be honest. It's not like any hetero-sexual woman in her right mind actually likes Megan Fox. Honestly. She steals oogling looks from our men. She's the topic of endless locker-room chatter, and she is gorgeous and thin. And rich. So we all agree we hate her anyway, right? Ok.

That being said, this whole tattoo thing has me really perturbed.
She's removing her Marilyn tattoo because of bi-polar and mental disorders, right? Yeah that's a pc no-no. It's bigotry and it makes you say "OMG." But there are two things that bug me MORE about this whole situation.
1. She got a tattoo of someone on her body, someone she must have hailed as a hero or icon of some sort. And she "didn't know" that Marilyn suffered from this? Holy Hell I know that, and I am not NEARLY interested in her enough to have a picture of her in my home, let alone ON MY BODY. I mean, read ANY book that references her in any way and it doesn't take a PhD to figure that one out. So stupidity move #1: having an icon/hero you know NOTHING about (and permanently affixing her likeness to your skin).

2. She's having the likness removed because she doesn't need Marilyn's "negativity" (from being bi-polar) in her life. But she was fine with Marilyn's boozing, drug-addicted, slutting around, home-wrecking lifestyle (no disrespect, Miss M)? Those things were all fine. But the bi-polar pushed her over the edge? The ONE negative element in her life she had NO control over? Says a little something about Miss Fox, dontcha think?

That's my two cents. Call me bitter and jealous, but I think some people are just straight warped, and it's not Miss Marilyn I'm talking about on this one.


  1. Did know about this, but from the information I've gathered from this post, I agree with you! :)

  2. I was LIVID when I read this story yesterday. After reading your (very valid!) take on it, I'm even more disgusted with her.

  3. Cheebs I saw the story on your FB first :)

    Chrissy, I tried to link the story, but Blogger hates me and it didn't work...and when I try to edit it I just get the ol' 404 HP NOT FOUND page. Gr. But thanks. I find it so distasteful!

  4. Ugh. I dislike her anyway. Didn't need something additional to add to it. My dislike has nothing to do with jealousy. I just don't like anything she stands for.

    Great post!