Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dog Whisperer?

We decided to take a family four-wheeler ride last night at sunset and appreciate the cooler weather, greening grass, and animals moving about the field. Our new English Bulldog puppy, Rocky, was outside with the "big dogs" when we decided to take off.

We don't normally leave Rocky unattended, as he is still learning boundaries and is becoming ever-more curious with each passing day. As we drove off, he sat down on the top step and watched as the other two dogs followed us on our journey.

A little worried, I asked Mister what he thought. Would Rocky try to follow us and get into danger, or would he stay put and wait for our return? He assured me Rocky would be ok, but our conversation worried little Chloe.

From between us she started confessing her concerns about Rocky.

"He'll be fine," we reassured her.

She leaned over the side and hollerd back toward Jessie the Cowdog who was right on our tail.

"JESSIE! JESSIE! You go back and baby-sit Rocky, ok? YOU go be in charge of him!" she hollered over the roaring motor and the crunching gravel.

"CHLOE!" I spoke loudly over the noise "Jessie doesn't understand English like that," I explianed.

She shook her head, leaned over toward Jessie again and said, "Woof! Woofwoofwoof! Woof woof!"

Nothing more was said.

But for the record, Jessie didn't go home ;)

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  1. That is pretty much adorable anyway even if it didn't work!