Thursday, August 18, 2011

Now you're my whole life: Wedding Tale 7

Pictures were pretty quick compared to your typical wedding. Below-average temps and gusty wind put a damper on our outdoor pics, so we just took a few [side note: in all my "the wedding doesn't matter, the marriage does" planning, my ONE mistake was not forking over money for a professional photographer].

The girl doing our pictures wanted us to wait a few minutes before we came to the hall so she could be ready. We decided to go get the Mister's hat, which took much longer than we anticipated. We finally arrived, though, and were introduced as Mister and Misses Mister :)

The reception was pretty informal, but we did all the traditional things.

We danced to our song.

We cut the cake.

Then we ever-so-gently fed each other that first bite of cake.

I wiped the frosting out of my nose. We ate a bite. I blew frosting out of my nose. We mingled. I picked frosting out of my nose. Then we left. I continued extracting frosting from my nose. We didn't go far, no sir-ee. Just went for a little drive to show off our escape vehicle,

then went home to change clothes. We had been apart and stressed all day long, so we were ready to really celebrate with our closest friends. My MIL was throwing us a party, and I couldn't wait to let my hair down (seriously, the bobby pins!) and enjoy our first night as husband and wife.

" you're my whole life,
now you're my whole world.
I just can't believe
the way I feel about you, girl.
Like a river meets the sea,
stronger than it's ever been;
we've come so far since that day,
and I thought I loved you then..."

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