Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"There Goes My Life"

"There goes my life;
There goes my future,
My everything;
I love you, baby,

Today I entrust my baby girl to this big old world. I'm fighting tears and a knot in my throat as I even type it. Not so much because I am sad to see her go, but moreso because I know what a big cruel world it can be. I know she's no longer sheltered under our roof with only our love and words of encouragement. Starting today she learns what it's like to be disappointed. To get into trouble. To be left-out. To be teased. To be heart-broken.

I have to hold on to the good things, though. I have to remember she'll learn to make friends. To be kind to others. To read and learn and grow. Experience puppy love. To make her own choices. To become independent.

Today I let my baby girl, who I've nurtured and taken care of for more than five years now, go out into the world all by herself, pink backpack in tow, and I trust that the world will be good to her more often than not. And even if it's not, I'm still going to be there when she gets home to love her, encourage her, and help her through it all....and to kick some butt if I need to :)

"...there goes my life..."

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