Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Separation Anxiety slash Fun

It started out as kind of a bum weekend. My Mister was leaving me Thursday night, and would be back sometime Sunday. Being the woman baby I am, I was very forlorn and pouty in the hours days before his departure. I knew I had some plans to keep me busy, but we've spent so little time apart since we became attached at the hip two summers ago, it's just hard to imagine being without him.

I might have also been just a little jealous that he was headed for warmer weather with the guys rather than with me. Never mind the fact they were hog hunting and fishing. I said I was jealous, I didn't say I was rational!

The first night was the worst. I was like a two year-old whose mommy had left. I cried. I felt separation anxiety. I wallowed. I let made Chloe sleep with me. I submersed myself in my spring cleaning and got everything spic and span, even Chloe's room, on Friday.

And then I kinda forgot my proverbial mommy was gone. And I started having fun!

Friday night Chloe and I had a nice visit and some greasy Casey's pizza with my mama. Oh did I mention those slimy little mushrooms I love? Mmmmmmm. I spent the early evening there, then headed home. Alone. At first it was a little scary. The house seemed darker and much quieter than it normally does, but I was bound to overcome it. I fired up the laptop, kept my phone close, and went to work.

I ended up writing a blog post, 3,600 words on my novel, and a lot of Facebook comments/chats ;) I stayed up late, enveloped in my characters and story-line, and finally lost the battle with sleep somewhere around 3am. It was like being a (gasp) teenager again!

Saturday my bff and MOH came to babysit entertain me. We went to lunch, where we indulged ourselves with hand-breaded fried mushrooms (seeing a pattern here?), and the special: beef stew and homemade rolls (you locals know right where we went, don'tcha?). We then cruised around the area, and I showed her the church, the reception site, our home, and my future MIL's area. We came home and chatted a while, then decided we'd go to Springfield for the evening.

We were going to wait until later in the evening to go, but I got a text from the cousin-from-heaven saying flowers were 50% that day only, so we headed on down to buy wedding flowers. If you've kept up with my wedding blog, you know I'm not much of a decorator, and I don't have a big budget, and I don't have a clue what I even want. So buying flowers for such an event was not an easy task!

We did it, though! Motivated mostly by our hunger, we got the flowers and headed to...drum roll please....HuHot! When we went in the door, they told us we would have an HOUR wait minimum. We decided to wait it out. We had nothing else to do, and we figured on Saturday night we wouldn't find anything much shorter. We made a quick trip to the ladies room, then decided to sit at the bar to kill time.

We were greeted by a young bartender (he looked all of twelve) who told us about their signature drink, that included (but was not limited to) Parrot Bay and Peach Schnapps. We were sold! We each ordered one, and he promptly carded us, apologetically. We both smiled and told him he just increased his tip! Then he asked if we'd like to dine at the bar!

"As in right now?" I asked.
"Yeah," he replied, putting the menus in front of us.
"You're our new favorite person!" we told him.

He guided us in the right direction, and made our drinks. We had an amazing dinner, delicious drinks, and even ordered the s'mores for dessert, which was an event! As we were finishing up, we saw the couple who had been in line in front of us sit down and order their drinks.

We left, satisfied stuffed, and headed home for a girls night in (after a girls night out?). My mister was home early Sunday morning, and all returned to normal. I had an amazing weekend, but I'm sure glad to have him back! Hope he likes HuHot....

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