Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Beast: Part 5

So The Beast was basically THE problem with working in Hell. After all, you can't have Hell without Satan, so you can't work in Hell without The Beast. There was a secondary storyline being woven, though, and it did nothing but complicate my situation. In a way, it was really all my fault...

Toward the end of my first year in Hell, before it was ACTUAL hell, I found out that The Beast would be coming to power in the coming year. I also found out there was an opening in the junior high English department. Now, even though I was a bit naive as to how extensive the Beast persecution would be, I was absolutely NOT looking forward to working for It. Even before all the harassment began.

When I first came to the district, I didn't even apply until I had heard the Beast applied for Boss's job and was turned down. I wasn't alone. There were others who knew what it was capable of. I was certain, after being rejected by the board, It would NEVER come to power. Imagine my dismay when that happened within months.

Fearing the worst, I applied for the junior high job, and was told I could have it if I wanted it. The principal knew me, had worked with me, and told me that even though I wasn't certified for junior high, he would take me and let me get the certification later. I was to pray about it, discuss it with my family, and let him know.

Then he told the Beast.

The Beast knew It was coming to power, so when It got wind of this, It called me to the office immediately. BEFORE I had a chance to even consider my options.

"Mr. Junior Boss tells me you've applied at the junior high," It said, as if waiting for a response.

"Yeah, I did," I said. I wasn't sure what to say. I knew It was going to ask me WHY, since I was 9-12 certified, and since I was,a that point, very well-liked by my students and working well with the department. I sure wasn't bold enough to tell It I was scared to work under It.

"Well, I think the students who signed up to have you as sophomores are going to be very disappointed, and I know the upcoming freshmen are looking forward to having you. If that's what you want to do, I understand, but I think your gift is in high school, and I hate to see you move," It explained.

"Yeah, I haven't really decided yet what I'm going to do," I said frankly.

"Well, Mr. Junior Boss and I both want you in our school. I guess it's just up to you where you want to be. I think your place is here, but it's your decision. We will both respect whatever you decide," It said.

And I was torn. It's no secret my heart is NOT in junior high. Or it wasn't at that time anyway. I've learned to love them a little more, and I've learned how to teach them, but I truly did love having freshmen. I loved the material I was teaching, and the thought of teaching the same thing a second year was very appealing.

When Suzie and some of the other kids got wind of it, they begged me not to go. They loved me. They needed me. I had so many kids sign up for my one section of sophomore English they had to cut it off, and even then I had thirty kids.

And The Beast wanted me. It told me I was gifted, that I was a good teacher, and that I belonged there.

And I fell for it.

"I'm sorry," I told Mr. Junior Boss. "I just feel like my place is here," I explained. He understood, and gave the job to the other high school English teacher who had applied for it. She made her escape. Lucky bitch.

The truth? While The Beast was coaxing me to stay in Its building, it was telling parents of upcoming freshmen not to let their kids enroll in my class because I was worthless. It had access to schedules, and made sure its spawn and friends of spawn were in the one section (out of five) that I didn't teach.

I regret that decision more than any other, I think. I still want to go back and slap myself. Reading it, you can't understand, but The Beast could make me, or anyone for that matter, believe Its lies.  It could tell you the sky was purple with yellow clouds, and you'd likely believe it.

I believed It thought highly of me, that I was safe because I'd be one of Its chosen few. WRONG. It wanted me there BECAUSE it hated me, and It knew I would be able to prosper if I moved to junior high. I would fit in. The principal liked me, and The Beast would have little influence or control there. The Beast wanted full control of my destiny so It could do Its damage and laugh as I suffered.

Now, the secondary story line comes into play. You see, since Lucky Bitch took the junior high job, there was an opening in the high school. The classes included English I (freshmen), English II (sophomores), creative writing, some kind of applied English, and a couple of middle school speech classes.

The "teacher" who was hand picked by The Beast hired? We'll call her Ms. Idiocy. She was a bitch of a teller at the bank with a degree in something that gave her credentials to be a probation officer I do believe. She did not have a teaching degree. She did not have an English degree. Her most-quoted line (by me)? "What the hell is a preposition?"

Stay tuned for a quick detour as I introduce you to Ms. Idiocy, and let you in on how she became the Golden Child of the English department while I became the red-headed step-child.

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