Friday, March 4, 2011

A Note of Insecurity

After reading all the other 5QF posts I've realized two things:

1. I'm also afraid of dark places, bugs, sink-drain hair, and a lot of other things. THANKS for bringin' all those up I hadn't thought of, blog friends!

2. Everyone else was dating at 13??? Or 15??? LORD almighty. My first time spending any time alone with a boy was when I told my mom I was going to see Space Jam with my BFF Lindsey and we met "Charlie" (he made two appearances in my dating career...the first was short-lived, and this was it) and this guy we'll call CTV and watched Ransom (RATED R!!) instead. I was a few weeks from sixteen fifteen. And that barely counts considering he tried to kiss me and I turned my head, he spilled his Pepsi on my leather jacket, and I broke up with him pretty much the next day. *cries loudly* I'M A LATE BLOOOOOMMMMMMMERRRRRR!

Ok. I feel better now. Off to my weekend!

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