Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Recipe..what??

I realize this is the easiest recipe in the Universe, and you're probably like, "Uh duh, Andrea. Why don't you just teach us how to make Rice Krispie Treats while you're at it?" But there are living breathing ADULT humans who haven't made this. My own Mister had never ONCE had it, even as a kid. WHAT?!?! Anyway it's super yummy...and it's way better than any recipe you'll find for it online.

So, let's make Puppy Chow. Or Muddy Buddies. Or whatever you want to call it. I call it buttery chocolatey peanutbuttery goodness.

What you'll need:
A couple sticks of butter (or margarine if you INSIST)
Half a bag of chocolate chips (semi-sweet really are best for this but whatev floats your boat)
A CUP of smooooooth peanut butter
A 12 oz box of Crispix (the BEST cereal choice for this in my opinion), or corn Chex, or rice Chex, or Best Choice corn/rice Crispys. You get the idea.

MELT the chocolate chips, butter, and peanutbutter in a big ol' pan on about medium heat.
Don't microwave it. Seriously. Just don't.

When it's all melted down and gooey, it's ready.

I like to use a big bowl for the next part, but if you wanna skip that and just dump the cereal straight into the pan, you can. I won't judge you.

BUT, I put a little cereal, then a little goo, then a little cereal, then a little goo...you know, get every nook and cranny.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT YOU LEAVE ENOUGH CEREAL FOR TWO BREAKFAST BOWLS IN THE BOX. Why? Well that way they aren't hogging up chocolatey goodness that could be caked onto some other pieces. Really. Leave some out. You'll be glad.

Then when you get all that coated, you start sugaring. Again, you could just dump the gooey cereal and the bag o' sugar in a big ol' shakin' bowl and go for it, but I like to layer it.

Either way, use the WHOLE bag of sugar, and shake 'til your arms feel the burn. Then give it a couple more shakes for good measure.

Chill 'til it's all cold and set-up, then try to keep your family from eating it all before dinner.

Or do what I do: put it in several storage bags and hide it in the fridge behind stuff like lettuce and eggs. They  might find it eventually, but it'll buy you a day or two.

Most important? Enjoy :) Oh and don't try to make it all fat-free or anything stupid like that. It's all or nothin' folks.

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  1. Love this! I use a sheet tray to smear the chocolatey goodness, and I shake the powdered sugar onto it in a big bag so you can get the big clumps that I love oh-so-much!