Friday, May 6, 2011

The Beast: A Look at the Rules

Before I continue with the story, I just want to address a few things with regard to this series.

The Beast is not the only one who has been awful throughout this time, though It was the one who started it. Many jumped on board with It, casting stones, hunting witches, and crucifying people for their own warped reasons. They jumped to conclusions, aided in the manipulation, and contributed to the bullying. If burning at the steak were legal, they'd do it. "Give us Barabbas!" they'd chant. Mob-type holier-than-thou drones casting judgment and spreading gossip like wildfire kinda people.

For that reason, I changed my comment policy when I began posting this series. That policy is as follows:
  • All comments are sent to me for moderation before they are published. I can choose which ones I publish or delete, and when they are published.
  • I do allow anonymous comments, depending on the content. I don't like anonymous comments, because I personally feel you shouldn't say anything you don't stand behind, but I do realize sometimes because of time-constraints or lack of an active Google account, it's easier to post anonymously (I guess. I'm giving you the cop-out on that one). To me, at least put your e-mail address if nothing else, and own what you say. But whatever.
  • I will not, however, publish snarky comments by anonymous writers. If you wish to attack me personally, have the balls to put your name on it. I have my name, picture, and e-mail on my blog, as well as my Twitter link. My mark is on everything I write, and I own it. There is no point in saying something if you won't stand behind it personally.
  • If your purpose is to knock me down, sorry but you're not gonna throw anything at me I haven't already heard. You'd have to be pretty creative to come up with something I haven't heard before. If your puprose is to "enlighten" others to your point of view, you better own it because otherwise no one else will ever see it.
  • This is MY blog where I write about MY life and MY thoughts. Therefore, I have the power to choose what appears on this site. Comments are welcomed and appreciated, and they don't have to be in agreement with my views, but I do demand respect. And if you have the guts to attack me and put your mark on it, then I'll think about publishing it.
  • Finally, NO comments that personally attack my guest writers, subscribers, family, friends, or other readers will be published. If you have beef with them, find their blog/Facebook/Twitter, and take it up there. I'm not hosting a cyber-bullying ring.
I do thank you, though, for taking time out of your day to read my posts and comment on them. It actually helps me every time someone clicks on a specific post, and it makes my blog more marektable when I have unique readers. Whatever your purpose is, even if it's malicious, you're helping me, so I thank you for that. Happy reading :)

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  1. SO proud of you, love. Your blog: your rules. <3