Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Losing My Mellow: Wedding Tale 3

By the time we finished decorating the church, we had roughly 45 minutes until rehearsal time. I don't know how that happened, but it did. Most of us hadn't had lunch at all, and though we planned to have pizza later on, the boys were starving. They took Chloe for a quick bite at a local diner, and my mom, MOH, and I ran to the Dollar Store for some MORE things we still needed.

Unfortunately the Dollar General doesn't sell tranquilizers or alcohol.  =/

We got back and I was glad to see everyone in attendance who needed to be there. We started running through things, though, and it went downhill from there.

To start, the boys had one job. Follow the preacher and stand. So they weren't *all* that worried about instructions. I, on the other hand, had questions. I had opinions. I wanted to make sure everyone knew what was going on. So when the boys were having their own conversations and goofing off, I came as close to a snap as I had all day. "SHUT. UP." I hissed through my teeth at them. "JUST SHUT UP!"

We survived rehearsal, though I was unsure if the music was going to pan out right, and I was extremely unhappy with the battle of wills over what hubby would be addressed as during the ceremony (his family calls him only by a childhood nickname while I use only his given name...and I did NOT want to marry that childhood nickname). I'd say my teeth lost a lot of length given all the grinding I did with them that night.

Finally we got a grip on what was going on, and my MOH assured me she would see to it that everything was as I wanted it.

We departed and headed to the reception hall.

There were many extended family members and friends in tow, which added to the stress somewhat. They weren't obligated to help in any way, but if they were sitting around eating, smoking, and chatting, my "helpers" thought they should be doing the same thing. We needed to move tables and decorate, but at one point the women were the only ones doing ANYTHING.

I reached my breaking point.

I marched outside, and cornered hubby.

"Are you guys going to help me or not?" I directed at hubby.

:"What do we need to do?"

"Well we've still got tables to move, I've got an arch I need put up, and I can't do it all myself. I'd like to go home sometime tonight, too!" I said. But I couldn't stop. "I don't smoke, but I'd like to sit outside on my ass for a few minutes while someone else does everything."

"Ok, we'll be in in a minute," he told me.

"FINE! I just LOVE how I'm in here doing all the work for a wedding I didn't even care about, and there are twenty seven other people sitting on their ass!" I would've slammed the door, but it's got one of those slow catches on it, so I had to let it slooooooowly shut behind me.

That motivated hubby, and he somehow got the other boys on board. I still had a lot of squatters, which made me nervous (I hate being watched when I'm doing stuff), but at least I had help.

There were still opinions.
Still aggravation.
 Still grinding teeth

But at least things were starting to move. I immersed myself in making my cake table perfect. And I still love looking at it.

And in the meantime, the boys were doing what I needed done.

Ok...kind of ;)

Slowly people started trickling out of the building, and I was close to having everything just how I wanted it. We turned on our music, dimmed the lights, and I saw it no longer as an abominable task, but as a beautiful reception hall. I was happy. And I still wanted to marry my Mister ;) We were even smiling when it was time to leave. Smiles of relief, but smiles still.

My belt makes my pants look like they're square or something...not sure what's up with that.

We all went our separate ways. My MOH went to her motel. Mama went home. Hubby stayed with his mom. Chloe and I headed home, and it was then I got the knot in my throat and started questioning my decision to walk down the aisle alone the next day.

Soon after that I got the e-mail I wrote about in A Walk to Remember, and everything fell into place. Now all I had to do was get my nails painted and get some good sleep.

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