Monday, October 19, 2009


I have several "sparks" this morning in my mind, but nothing that is worthy of its own blog. Therefore, I am just going to shoot off my random thoughts and call it a cobblage (that's co-blah-zsh like collage with blog :) )

First of all, have you SEEN Faith Hill lately? She has always been one of my favorites. Her look, her voice, her personality. I just love her. When I saw her on a football commercial, though, I didn't even recognize her! I am almost certain she's had 'work' done, and to me that just makes women look WORSE. She's a beautiful woman, and it's sad to me that she feels the need to maintain the image of a twenty year old. Our society is so whacked!

On a younger note, I took Chlo and Mom to the pumpkin patch Saturday. We had such a nice time, and I got a pumkin and a half for two fifty! I also got some great pictures. We then ventured over to Cameron's birthday party. Social gatherings are not really my thing, so I was kind of dreading it, but it turned out to be a great time. Chloe had a blast, and I enjoyed catching up with Jodi and her family. Chloe told Jodi it was the BEST birthday party EVER! She had so much fun, and now all she talks about is Cameron :)

On my weight watching note, I'm doing ok. My basic method is not to weigh myself, but to gauge by my jeans and pants how I'm doing. I'm doing well I think. This morning I fought the urge to buy a doughnut from my 8th grade fund raiser. Instead I am currently having a Diet Coke and a (gasp) Nutty Bar. I know. But I didn't have breakfast, so I'm counting the peanut butter as my protien, and splitting the calories between breakfast and a mid-morning snack. See, it's almost like I'm eating well :)

It's a short week at school due to parent teacher conferences, which means some long nights in return. I'd rather work late and be off Friday, though, and there are rumors of Pizza.

That's the up-to-the-minute on The Real World. Have a fabulous Monday. It's going to be beautiful.

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