Friday, October 2, 2009

Divine Intervention

Consider this an update to my "GIVE ME CARBOHYDRATES AND CHOCOLATE NOW" themed post earlier today. Today I received Divine intervention. It was not, however, the "intervention" I requested yesterday.

I made it to lunch time without devouring my own flesh today. On the menu today was BLT on wheat, mozzarella cheese stick, and applesauce. I stopped at the Coke machine on my way to lunch for my trusty (yet not as tasty as her "regular" brother) Diet Coke.

I put my dollar in, received my Coke, and clink. A quarter. After some frustration I decided it's only a quarter, I won't get too upset over it. I'm HUNGRY!

I went through the line and was eating my lunch when I saw it. The junior class. Several members were scurrying about. They were selling...CANDY! Candy at lunch! Chocolate! Caramel! SKITTLES even! Oh sweet mother of Mary! I dug in my pocket for my fifty cents...

I pulled out my quarter.

Only God could have saved me from that candy bar...and that's just what he did. God and his "hilarious" antics. I licked my wounds by stealing a mini candy from Barb's basket. I guess everyone wins.

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