Monday, November 1, 2010

Sweet Mother of Abraham Lincoln! The Prospector! He'll Wanna Meet'cha!

Well, I didn't work this weekend, and I had a ridiculous number of apple-mares, so I'm not feeling Apron Strings this week. I was feeling under the weather Saturday, but I was told Weaubleau was trick-or-treating on Saturday night, not Sunday, so we did the whole Halloween hoopla on Saturday. I picked Chloe up at my mom's house that afternoon and she got dressed as Jessie from Toy Story. My phone Internet is tooooo slow to upload right now, but I have pictures on Facebook.

Chloe picked out the character months ago, and as soon as she saw the costume in Wal-Mart, she just had to have it. I wanted to make the costume (a cowgirl isn't that hard), because I hated the foam-esque Wally World hat (even in the picture it looks better than in real-life). It didn't look right, and I wanted to get a flat, felt hat like Jessie's. I looked some, never found one, and gave in to Chloe's incessant begging for the Wal-Mart duds. 

She got her hair cut, and I knew no one would know she was Jessie anyway, without the hair.  So, I found a little spark of creativity and made her Jessie's signature red yarn hair in a long braid. When we were out, we saw other Jessies, and I was asked many times, "Where'd you find one with the hair?" I proudly admitted that I created it myself, and saw the moms faces say, "Why didn't I think of that?" I was proud. We had hat problems (it wouldn't stay on), but other than that, she was a successful Jessie, and we got all the trick-or-treating out of the way a day early. Yodelayheeeeehooooooo!

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