Monday, November 22, 2010

Apron Strings: Dream Weaver

I had been at Applebees about a month when I had my first dream about it. I remember in the dream Jodi was yelling at me to do "freezer pull," something I'd heard them talk about, but something I had no idea about. I kept trying to tell her I didn't know how, and she kept yelling. When I worked with her next, I told her the dream.

"Ha! You had your first Applemare," she laughed. Apparently it's not uncommon. Everyone has them. But they were new to me. I hardly ever dreamt about school when I was a teacher, so dreaming about work was foreign to me. It's not anymore.

Do you ever have strange dreams where your brain smooshes everything together and it's completely illogical? I used to have those. But now my random thoughts have a gathering place: Applebees.

Usually I'm dreaming that I have several guests and don't know they are there, or I dream I can't work the computer (which, if you know about dreaming, makes sense, because you usually can't function your hands or fingers in a dream).

Last night, however, my Applebees dream came to life. Last night I had confrontation with family. I saw an old (GOOD) boss for the first time in years and talked with him in tears. I ordered a drink from one of our "friendliest" bartenders. She didn't have what I wanted, so I ordered a Coke and rum (we have Pepsi?). Oh, and when smoke set off the massive sprinkler system, my co-worker Timmy led the whole operation in a sing-along of "Umbrella." It was wild. It was the longest and most detailed dream I've had in a long time.

The WEIRDEST part, though, was that I spent the night drinking and talking with one of my managers. We sat at the bar. I told him I missed my friend, Jaime, and then POOF she appeared at the bar! He rolled his eyes and told me I shouldn't have summoned her! And, after my second "Coke and rum," I pinched his cheeks and talked to him in a baby voice saying, "I used to think you were older than me, oh yes I did, but you're just a baby aren'tcha?"


Pretty glad I have two weeks off to get all this weirdness flushed out of my brain before I have to see these people in person again :) I'm ready to go back to the "Oh crap I can't work my fingers!" dreams.

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