Thursday, September 30, 2010


I've been reading a post that was written at My Little Life, and it made me want to also address the issue.

The Anonymous Comment.  Now, I want to first give a little disclaimer. I realize that not everyone has a Google account (like the Martians, elves from the North Pole, and maybe the Tooth Fairy), and sometimes they want to comment on a blog. Sometimes there is a call for anonymous answers (as in my Need to Belong post) when personal information may be revealed that you don't want the world to know. I get that.

What I don't get, is why someone would want to anonymously "hate" on someone else's views or opinions. If you write a comment on MY blog, and respond to MY writing, but you don't have the balls gall to own it, you have no business writing it. It made me feel good to read Mama's post and know that I'm not alone, but it irrtated me even more that people DO this.

Do you consider yourself a gossip? Do you think it's appropriate to talk behind someone's back, or send anonymous hate mail? If you leave anonymous comments that are disrespectful or hateful in nature, you are doing just that. If you attack anything other than the opinion expressed in the writing, you are being a rude and low-class person in my opinion. You know who I am. You read what I wrote, and I stand behind every word. You owe me the same courtesy.

If you have the guts to say something rude and hateful, but not the guts to own it, well, I guess I'll just call you yellow. And I have no problem doing it, because I'm right here putting my name on my words. Next time you write something rude, ask yourself if you'd have the guts to say it to that person's face. If not, backspace backspace backspace, cancel.

For examples of this, read "I'm Blocked," or go to Amazon and see for yourself. I don't delete the comments because I think the authors make themselves look like asses and I enjoy the entertainment :)  I don't care what people have to say, or I would delete the comments and obviously  not encourage my blog readers to read them. What bothers me is their refusal to own their words. They feel empowered by putting their thoughts out there because they are in no way vulnerable or responsible for what they say.

Have a lovely day. And only leave anonymous comments if you dare!


  1. My favorite anonymous commenter got plenty of my readers worked up on this post:

    I ended up closing the comments and only re-allowed them many months later (when I knew/hoped no one would go back to that post).

    Oh, and I knew who the commenter was because of key phrases she used. That's even more fun.

  2. I love that. I have the same situation on Amazon. I know who two of the people are because of the way they talk, and because they didn't keep their "secret" safe enough :)