Monday, September 20, 2010

The Case of the Missing Doritos

Chloe isn't what you'd call "sneaky."  She's usually very clear about her intentions, and even when she's trying to pull one over on someone, she often accidentally tells on herself.  For example, a few nights ago she found Bryan's phone in our bedroom. She then announced that she was going to take Bryan his phone and hide it behind her back to surprise him.  He was sitting only feet away in the living room and clearly heard the whole conversation.

She told me a month before Christmas that she was getting me the Perfect Brownie pan.  It was no secret.

If she wants something or needs something, she always asks, even when permission isn't required.

So today, when I left my Doritos bag on the couch to go start our grilled cheese sandwiches, I thought I was losing my mind when it disappeared.  I'm notorious for carrying things around the house.  You might find the remote on the back of the toilet, or in the fridge if I've had it last.  I searched high and low, then went into my bedroom where she was watching a Barbie movie.  She's a good "finder," so I was going to enlist her help.

Then I saw her, chin on her knees, munching on my Doritos.  :)  Little Stinker.

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