Thursday, October 28, 2010

Real in the Night Emotion.

I turned on my digital photo frame last night for the first time in a couple of months. Chloe was watching the pictures roll by of Pensacola, Christmas, and Easter among others. We laughed at how different she looked almost a year and a half ago, and how much her hair changes her appearance.

We were talking about a Christmas present she was opening when the photo changed. It was a picture I snapped of her sitting at the edge of the pond at Bolivar park, watching the ducks. It wasn't posed, I just thought she looked cute sitting there gazing out at the water.

"What's that picture doing on here?" she asked.

"I took it of you at the park, and I liked it," I replied.

"But, Mom, it's not a real in-da-night emotion!"

"Say what?" I asked, trying not to laugh.

"It's not a real in-da-night emotion picture. You know?" she asked, using her explanation gestures.

"A real what?"

"A real in-da-night emotion. You know, a picture of something really important, like Christmas." I accepted what she said although I still wasn't sure what word phrase she was trying to connect. As we looked at the pictures, I realized "real in the night emotion" ones are ones of holidays and special occasions, and are most always posed. FYI.

Her vocabulary and sentence structure are so good these days, I just have to hang on to anything cute or funny that she says, because her toddler logic is becoming a thing of the past. Sometimes I miss fiders (not spiders) and mlilk (not milk), although I'm very proud of her. My baby is growing up.

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