Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's a Blah-g

Blah. That's how I feel about my blog lately. I'm clearly not alone, because hardly anyone on my list has been updating, either. It just seems I never have any good material or happenigns, or when I do, I'm not in a writing mood. Go figure.

I've been really submersed in my novel lately, which may be part of my problem. It's not a bad problem. I've got almost 30,000 words, which puts me possibly half-way, depending on how it all pans out. I've started several projects over the last year, but this is the first one I've felt excited about. It's the first one I can see from start to finish. It's the first one that literally writes itself. I often sit down to write, not sure where I'm even going, and yet the words just pour from my fingers. It's exciting.

However, I realize that putting all my creativity into my novel leaves me nothing on my blog but a bunch'a Five Question Fridays =/

I'll get my blog mojo back soon, I hope. Until then, consider this a boring old blah-g.

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