Wednesday, December 1, 2010

In a Year

A year ago today I was unpacking boxes and moving furniture. I was recovering from having pneumonia over Thanksgiving, and was about to leap into a life without looking at the water first. I've never EVER been someone to do something without thinking it through and having a good idea of the outcome before making a move. I'm not a risk-taker.

Yet here I was, moving my belongings into a house I'd never even visited, quitting my reliable job, and putting my life in the hands of someone I'd only been seeing for months. To look at it from the outside people thought I'd lost my mind, but I never had a shred of doubt.

The one thing in my whole life I've ever been sure of is him.

My post "The Plan" pretty much sums up our relationship. I traded in a lot of seemingly "important" things to change my lifestyle completely. People scolded me for "uprooting" my daughter and coming out here, but now I feel I can safely say, "See? I knew what I was doing." She is happy here. We are happy here. And I have the tight-knit family I've always needed. She has more stability and security than she ever has.

There have been days I was crammed in the feeding truck with the boys when it was twelve degrees, or running after a stubborn cow in rubber boots calling it everything in the book, and have laughed at how far I am from where I envisioned myself ten years ago, but I'd never trade it for the world.

Sometimes what "seems" right isn't the right path. I have learned to follow my heart and not worry about fitting into a neat little box. In a year I have learned what it means to be loved, really loved. I've found true happiness, and I'm so thankful for the trials that brought me here, because without the bad, I may have never found the good. If the years to come are even comparable to this past year, I've got a wonderful life ahead of me.

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