Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Just Don't Get It.

You know I watch Teen Mom, so let's not pretend you're shocked when I tell you I also watch Sixteen and Pregnant. The finale episode was about a girl named Ashley, who, after an emotional back-and-forth decision, gave her baby girl up for adoption.

On the show, Ashley made reference to her blog several times. I decided to search for her blog and see what it was like. I read through several of her posts from the past year and decided to leave a quick comment on one of them (we like when our readers leave us comments, yes we do...). After I submitted my comment, I read some of the other comments.

Most were positive, but sprinkled among those were hateful, horrible comments from strangers. Strangers who felt they had enough insight from a 90-minute t.v. episode to judge her decision and her life. It hit a nerve because I've experienced that to some degree as well.

I realize that when we use Facebook or blog we put ourselves out there. When we share our lives and our struggles with the world, we are "asking for it" to some degree. However, I have just NEVER felt the need to criticize anyone for their choices or decisions. I never "assume" things about people, and I don't give in to rumors. I certainly have NEVER read or heard about someone's most difficult decision in her entire life and felt that I had the knowledge or the arrogance to presume I knew what was best, or berate them for that decision.

I just. Don't. Get it.

The world needs peace and love. If you don't agree with someone's decision or lifestyle, don't read their blog! Don't be their friend! Don't acknowledge them at all. But for Heaven's sake, don't fuel negativity and judgment. Don't take it upon yourself to "put them in their place." Get a life of your own, and quit worrying about what other people say and do!

I hope this young girl will thrive on the positive feedback she receives and not be burdened with the ignorant people who have nothing better to do than cut down strangers for their life decisions. I know it's not always easy, but unfortunately it's necessary.

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