Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm Blocked =/

So at my school they decided that blogger is to "chatty" and should be blocked. UGH. So I'm behind on my blogging. My free hour was the perfect time for that, and now it's one of the things that goes by the wayside in my home time. Sorry :(

I'll get back into it soon. I have too many kettles on the stove or irons in the fire or whatever cliche you want to use. :)

I'll be back soon. Keep checking in!


  1. Funny. English teacher with a passion for writing. "to 'chatty'"



    This reflects the rest of your writing pretty well.

  2. This is an informal forum for my personal writing, it's not a newspaper article. I guarantee you'll find more typos in the local paper. If you don't like it, then stop nosing through my writing. Also learn proper punctuation before you criticize someone else's mechanics.

  3. I think anonymous meant "To?" HAHA!

  4. I actually think she meant, "to?" Ha ha!

    I just love how a mis-typed 'o' is translated to not knowing my grammar and mechanics. It's not like I said "two" or "2." Some people obviously just want to try to pick at me, yet don't have the guts to own it.

    I also didn't mention the whole "fragment" rule. I left it out because I don't obey it on my INFORMAL BLOG, but since "Anonymous" thinks we need to be perfect, she should also use complete sentences. She wouldn't want to be a hypocrite or anything.