Saturday, November 7, 2009

She's Not Perfect, But Almost :)

I'm missing my Chloe this weekend, so obviously she is on my mind. I have an amazing little girl who has personality, charisma, twinkling eyes, and a heart of gold. Chloe has her shortcomings, as any three-year-old does, but it amazes me how well-behaved and compliant she is. She wants to please her mama, and those around her.

When I walked in her room I saw her Halloween treats. There on the floor (among the Polly Pocket and Little People mess) was her neon pumpkin, full of treats, and her Disney Princess trick-or-treat bag, about half-full (candy overload, people!). This girl has a weakness for chocolate bigger than even my own.

However, she has played in her room for two days, and the only candy she's consumed are those pieces she oh-so-politely asked if she could eat. There are no empty wrappers, no stashed candies, no trails of Skittles.

Obviously she has more self-control than I do since the reason I went in there was to swipe some of her stash :)

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