Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm As Selfish As They Come...

Here goes another one of those blogs where I (GASP) express my opinion and offend someone. Readers beware :)

I've been having one of those nagging feelings again. You know, the one where something just keeps coming up, and I want to say something but I don't? Yeah. That one.

A conversation comes to mind.

"Have you heard that new Revelation Song?" my friend asks. My face has a puzzled look, I'm sure. It's not puzzled because I don't know what she means. It's puzzled because it's not what I'd call "new."

"By Kari Jobe?" I ask. Now she has the puzzled look.

"No, I think it's Phillips, Craig, and Dean."

"Hmm. Guess I haven't." I respond. Almost by Divine Intervention, I get into my car and flip to KCVO. Lo and behold, I hear PCD singing Revelation Song.

Since it "FIRST" came out, it's been all over the radio, and we even sing it at church now. I like the song, and the version is good, but it's not MY Revelation Song. We sing it too fast. It has lost its power in it's new, jazzier form. Everyone who doesn't know better loves it, but in my selfish little heart I want to say, "I HEARD IT FIRST! I LIKED IT FIRST!"

I first came across the song in January 2008. I love a good re-make, but I have to say I think Kari Jobe's original version is much more powerful, and sounds a little less pop-i-fied.

Click Here if you want to hear for yourself.

The music lover/guru in me comes out when people mess with my music. Sometimes with her claws out ;)

P.S. if you DO like it and end up checking her out, I also love "The More I Seek You," and "My Beloved," so don't EVEN think you found them first ;)


  1. I finally have a "day off" and I thought I'd catch up on your posts. :)
    About the song... I mirror your thoughts. I think of you every single time I hear it, and I remember falling in love with the chorus while listening to it stream through my crappy computer speakers. I still think about singing it as a solo, but I almost feel like it is "overexposed" at this point. Anyway, thank you for YOUR discovery. And thanks for passing it along. :)

  2. =] Thanks Steffie. I miss you!