Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nesting or Psychosis?

I've heard of animals going kind of nuts-o when they lose babies. Sometimes they'll even take on a baby that isn't theirs. Some women have been known to do the same. I'm not calling them nuts (like the animals), but I've seen some strange things (like baby-doll obsessions, life-like dolls created to replace a child lost, etc.)

I realized today that my daughter may be suffering from some sort of psychological loss after having our false alarm over the weekend.

She's been prepared for this baby forever. Has been SO involved in choosing things, helping put things away, and arranging everything (the way SHE likes it, after Mommy has done it her way and left the room). She likes to go into the baby room just to look around, and sometimes she even snoops through the dresser drawers, although I know she's memorized each one by now.

When it was "time" for baby, she was ready, and when things didn't come through in the end, she was a little heart-broken. She took it well, and didn't seem too disappointed. In fact, she hasn't said a whole lot, and seems enthusiastic about the time coming (again). However, yesterday I went into the baby room to find this:

This is baby McKenna on the Boppy in the crib. She usually resides in Chloe's room in her little bassinet, and I rarely see her upstairs. I was instructed NOT to turn the lights on in there, because McKenna needed some quiet time.

I didn't think a whole lot about it. Found it kind of cute that she was playing baby in there. Then this morning when I went in to use the full-length mirror, I saw this:

Baby McKenna had mysteriously moved.

I guess Chloe decided that she was going to have that baby sister one way or another, and if I didn't bring one home, she would continue as if I had. It's comforting to see that McKenna is well cared-for. She wears a diaper and real baby clothes. She spends time on her tummy, but always sleeps on her back. And it looks like she's getting plenty of play time in the swing ;)

My daughter may be having some kind of psychological coping problem...or maybe it's just her way of nesting. Either way, I think it's pretty cute, and she's going to be a great big sister very soon. :)

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