Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I left my wedding set at the jewelry store a few days back. It's that time of year when it needs to be polished and dipped and cleaned so it looks brand-new again. I love having it done, but I HATE leaving my rings! Because people are nosy (and weird), often they assume if you aren't wearing your rings it means your marriage is in despair (GASP!). So when they're gone, I have a little gold diamond band I wear in their place, just to hold the finger if you will.

As I was washing Chloe's hair last night, she noticed my ring (for the first time since I changed them) and let out a shocked gasp. "Where are your rings?!" she demanded.

I explained the situation to her, and told her I was wearing this one until I got my other ones back.

"Where'd ya get it?" she quizzed.

"Actually my dad gave it to me a long, long time ago," I told her. I didn't want her thinking it was from anyone else, or telling people her mom got a new wedding ring from someone. It's hard telling what she would translate.

"Oh. I see. And so you just wear it when you don't have your rings?" she asked.

"Yeah. I just like to have a ring on that finger," I told her honestly, without explaining the whole thing in-depth. She giggled.

"Is it so boys won't ask you to marry dem?" she concluded.

"Yes," I told her with a smile.

"You'd say no anyway, wouldn't ya? Because you only love Bryan."

"You're right," I told her, then added, "besides, I don't think we'll have to worry about any boys asking me to marry them." More giggles.

"Why not? Is it because you have a butt-wrinkle?" she said, going into a full-out laugh.

"Um. I was thinking because I'm visibly pregnant, but whatever you say," I finished, not sure how to continue the conversation, and not sure I wanted to. There were questions swirling in my mind, (like, DO I have a butt-wrinkle? And if I do, when did she see it? How big is it? And does it really make me THAT unattractive that NO boys would want to marry me?) but they were all questions to which I was positive I didn't want an honest, five-year-old answer.

Just when I think she can't possibly come up with ANYTHING more hilarious or inventive, (or humiliating?)she proves me wrong.


  1. I want to know what the heck she meant! I don't care if that makes me gross or what! Ha :)

  2. For everyone's curiosity (ah hem, Chrissy) the butt-wrinkle turns out to be a birth mark on my lower hip. Whew ;) Don't ask how I came by that information :D