Monday, August 9, 2010

A Force

What do you believe in? The only belief I don't respect is "nothing." You have to be an idiot not to recognize some kind of force that is greater than we are. God? Karma? Fate? Destiny? Luck? I have witnessed, as I am sure you have, too many coincidences to believe that the mathematic odds are THAT beatable.

One such occurrence happened to me yesterday.

I had a good day at work. I don't really keep track of my tips, but I knew I was somewhere in the sixties. I knew I still had to "tip-out" (give the hosties part of my money), but I figured I'd be in the fifties, which isn't bad for three and a half hours of work.

I counted all my money out, put my cash sales in one pile, my tip-out in the other, and filled out my paperwork. When I came to my pile, what was left after all the requirements were paid, I had seventeen dollars. Seventeen. I didn't do that horrible on my very first day. I counted and re-counted. Something didn't add up.

My check-out slip showed that I had made 38.00 on credit cards alone, and I knew I had at least 15 in cash. How did this happen? I finally decided I must have dropped some cash somewhere, or left it lying on the register and it was swiped. I was heart-broken. I was also worried I would be in 'trouble' for claiming less money than the computer showed I made.

I went into the office in tears. Evan counted and re-counted, and finally gave me 20.00 from a petty cash fund for such circumstances. I am never short, I always make good money, and everything always balances, so he knew something had to have happened.

I was still upset, but Mom was bringing Chloe, and Bryan was on his way. We were going to celebrate Mom's birthday with dinner. Hunter took us to a booth in Tim's section, and we had a great dinner. While we were eating, Tim took the check to the table behind us. He opened the book, and I heard him say, "Woah, look what I found in that book!" to the couple. My heart nearly stopped.

When he came by our table I asked him what he'd found. He held up a twenty. Tears filled my eyes. "That's my money," I said, explaining what had happened. He handed it to me with a smile. I gave him five for finding it/believing me/not pocketing it/participating in my little miracle. I told Evan and returned the petty cash he'd given me. I still think there was another 10 or 20 somewhere that someone may have picked up, but I was satisfied knowing what had happened.

What are the mathematical chances or odds of that happening? For that to happen, we had to eat there that day, which we rarely do. We had to sit behind that certain table, Tim had to find that certain book, because Lord knows some of the other people there would have quietly put it in their pocket. I don't think it was coincidence. It was powerful, and I'm glad I was part of it :)

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