Monday, June 21, 2010

Do I Have Athletic Shorts Clean?

In order to get back in my groove, I decided to read through my old blogs. I remember "Do I Have Wrinkle-Free Pants Clean?" being highly controversial. I am here now to say I have been on BOTH sides of that fence, and here is my Bizzaro-Blog to it!

I've always wanted to stay home with Chloe. From the minute she was born I wished there could come a day I didn't have to get up and leave her. I enjoyed my summers, holiday breaks, and weekends at home, but I always wished I could stay home. I envied my friends, and became irritated when they complained about their mundane stay-at-home lives.

Well, ladies and gentelmen, the tables have finally turned. So to be fair, I shall brief you on a typical day in my shoes.

7:51 - Alarm goes off. Bryan tells me goodbye and leaves. I mumble something back.
8:15 - "Good Morning, Mama. Rise and Shine sleepy head!" Chloe gives me kisses and climbs in bed with me. We snuggle and usually both go back to sleep.
9:00 - "Mom what's for breftkist?" I fix her a pop tart, toast, or whatever she decides she wants.
9:30 - I shower and throw on a t-shirt and athletic shorts. Then gather laundry, flip on Noggin for her while she eats, and gather dishes. Start a load of laundry and pick up clutter.
10:50 - Time to start lunch. Grilled cheese, chips and tea. I LOVE IT!
11:00 - Lunch and Ellen. Every day.
12:00 - Switch laundry, do dishes, lay out supper. Take Chloe out to play/swim/etc.
3:00 - Chloe wants to come in. Switch laundry, maybe sweep, watch tv, she has had enough of me for now and plays in her room with her door closed and All the Single Ladies blaring.
5:00 - Bryan's home. He thinks we should go to the lake for a while. Yay.
5:30 - Swim swim swim
6:30 - Load our stuff, drive home.
7:00 - I cook dinner, Chloe plays, Bryan watches tv.
7:30 - DINNER! Eat, clean up.
8:00 - Chloe you need to take a bath. "Can I play in my sand a little?" It's summer. What the heck.
8:30 - Chloe bath, we visit.
8:50 - MOOOOOOOOOM! I'm ready to get OUTTTTTTT!
9:00 - Brush teeth, drink, book, snuggles, bed.
9:15 - We watch tv, catch up on our days, maybe eat a snack.
11:00 - Bed time. Do I have athletic shorts clean? Yes. I washed 3 loads of laundry today :)

I. LOVE. MY. LIFE. Yes I get bored or lonely for an adult sometimes, but it's worth it, and I wouldn't trade it for anything!!!


  1. Sorry, didn't see your comment. No, I am not teaching. I'm mothering :)