Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fleeting Thoughts

I have a lot of writing potential today, but no organization, so I'm just going to focus my creative juice into a cookie-cutter blog. Hope you enjoy. This can also be modified and used for an e-mail for those of you who enjoy the survey but don't do blogging or Facebook.

Outside my window... the sun is shining. Kids are talking. The leaves are still green, but they have that "look," like they could turn at any time. It LOOKS cool, and not just because I know it is. The sky is so blue, it has to be cool.

I am thinking... about eating school lunch (chicken alfredo), that I don't want to put books in right now (even though I should be), I want brownies, and I really love my new fall red zip-up.

This week I will try to... keep up with my house, get all these books in, enjoy my last weeknight/morning free, because Chloe starts coming with me next week.

I hope to teach... the 7th graders to write descriptive essays later, and Chloe to be confident in herself. Someone called her gross at Kindra's and it hurt her little feelings. :(

From the kitchen... if you don't smell bread of some kind, I'm not cooking. Biscuits, crescents, warm-and-serve rolls, home-made bread, garlic bread, cinnamon rolls. Every meal I cook these days includes bread. Probably why I can't drop the 5lbs I gained back. I also rock at scalloped and mashed potatoes. Go carbs!

I am wearing... Light tan pants, the kind that have a little stretch to them and make my butt look firm(-er than it is). A dark brown, brushed cotton t-shirt from Maurices that fits so great. And my fall-red (not dark, not light, kind of distressed) zip-up sweat(er)shirt also from Maurices. Long gone are the days of Buckle hoodies and jeans :( Oh, and my brown Eastlands, which are the new Doc Martin ("new" as in I wear them because I'm old and broke, but I love them just as much).

On my playlist... My recent adds include "Need You Now" by Lady A, "We Rode in Trucks" by Luke Bryan, "Address in the Stars," by Caitlin and Will, and "Say Hey (I Love You)." This time of year, however, causes me to listen to "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room," by John Mayer and "Sitting at a Bar" by Rehab among others.

I am reading... I just finished "Deadline" by Chris Crutcher which was good. Probably won't be starting any more books for a while.

I am hoping... that Chloe loves pre-school, that Christmas comes soon, and that I can lose these 5lbs without the "stress out" method that usually makes me skinny.

I am thankful for... fall weather. Chloe's new pre-school. Good friends. My great job. Sonic pop. :)

I am remembering... last fall. Beer bread at Robin's. Heritage Days. Weaubleau softball concessions. Weaubleau kids. And that I need to print vacation pictures SOON!

I am creating... Christmas presents this year to save money. An idea for another novel (but can I do it again?), and a hole in the ozone with my aerosol hair spray, but I don't care.

I am praying... that people will leave me alone and stop gossipping/lying about me.

Around the house... it's somewhat clean. Chloe's Polly Pockets are here and there. It doesn't smell like fall. I need a new candle.

One of my favorite things... Sonic Coke. Bread (of any kind). My purple sheets.

A few plans for the rest of the week... I don't have anything planned this week, but I hope to watch Grey's Thursday. :)

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