Friday, June 8, 2012

A Macaroni Secret

Kraft macaroni and cheese. It's Chloe's favorite thing. She would eat it twice a day every day if I would let her. The problem is that I won't. Contrary to what her Nana has told her, I don't consider mac and cheese a "healthy" "dairy" product nor a suitable meal on its own. It's a side dish, I tell her, to be eaten with something healthy, or at the very least with a hot dog on one of those frazzled nights.

While Chloe and I were at her game Wednesday night, Hubby made himself some mac and cheese (since I hadn't made dinner and he beat us home). Chloe went home with Nana, so she was none the wiser about the mac and cheese consumption. But as it always does, the truth came out today.

I was just getting out of the shower when I heard the door knob turning (in vain, as I had locked the door...a post for another day).

"I'm almost out," I told her.

"WELL," she started. For some reason NOTHING can wait until I get out of the shower. "Explain to me why there was macaroni on the FLOOR," she demanded. Before I could say anything, I saw her tiny fingers thrust under the bathroom door with two dried Kraft mac and cheese noodles on display.

"Um. Mister had that while we were gone to ball the other night," I confessed.

"So you're saying someone had mac and cheese for dinner WIFOUT me," she concluded.

"I guess," I said. The fingers slid back under the door, and she was gone. As she left the door I heard her call back, "I'll remember dat!"

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  1. Oh, mac and cheese is totally a dinner by itself! ;)