Monday, May 28, 2012


"MOM! You un-did my special sister magic!"

I hear this phrase often. What it means? I've woken Kailyn. Chloe believes she has special sister magic that calms her baby sister and lulls her to sleep.

I'm not so sure she isn't right.

There are times I have to stop and do something for myself. Take a shower. Keep dinner from burning. Dry my hair. Small tasks that don't take long, but require putting the baby down and using both free hands.

It's those times when I hand her off to Chloe. Usually she's already sleeping, and Chloe doesn't have to use the "magic."

But there are times when I'm holding Kailyn and she starts to fuss. She isn't hungry. She isn't dirty. Sometimes I wonder if she isn't just BORED of looking at my face all day every day.

So I pass her off to Chloe.

And more times than not, they lock eyes and settle down together. Chloe talks to her, rubs her head, and soon Miss Kailyn is quiet, if not sleeping.

Sister magic.

Works for me :)

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