Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dinner for Three?

Last Friday night Bryan and I ventured to Sedalia for some delicious barbecue (ok mostly for a fried portabella mushroom) at Kehde's. It was fairly busy, but not overwhelmingly so.

"Two of you?" the lady asked as we came in the door.

"Yes," I replied. She led us across the floor to a booth in the back. We scooted into the seat, then ordered drinks and the famous mushroom. We began talking idly about nothing in particular. Then I heard it.

"And OH MY GOSH! OH OH LOOK! HERE'S ONE OF ME AND JOE!!! Check this OUT!" I couldn't help but look toward the person seemingly YELLING across his table, letting his words hit the wall beside me and fall on my table. His friend sat quietly beside him as he shoved his camera in each person's face.

He was a lanky gentleman, probably in his early thirties. He wore pressed kakhi shorts, a fitted button-up shirt over a (even MORE fitted) t-shirt with neck, ear, and finger jewelry. His hair was perfectly styled. His lips were large, his voice was high, and he had a listhp ;) I can't say for sure, but I'm really convinced he was a drama major at some time in his life.

I averted my eyes immediately, assuming he had become carried away in his excitement. Immediately I realized I was wrong.

"OK! I'm having the pickles, Joe do you like the pickles?" (insert smirk here) He continued to yell his preferences (about the food, of course) across the room. I started to become irritated, because it was difficult to even carry on a conversation.

FINALLY his "pickles" arrived. Surely food would shut him up. He did quiet down for a few seconds. Ahhh a break. The dull roar of normal diners. The clank of dishes in the kitchen. It sounded almost like silence.

I looked up from my plate to see if he had left, or if he was just politely chewing his food without talking. His concentration was deep as he dipped his pickle. He stuck his tongue out a good four inches to catch it, then confirmed what I already suspected.


Yep. Food-talker. ;)

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