Monday, June 15, 2009

Cyber Stalkers (re) Unite!

It's no secret I am a regular user of social networking sites. There is just something about the thrill of those little notifications telling you someone has sent you a message, posted a comment on your profile, or better yet, wants to be your "friend." I am a bit of a MySpace snob, but I'll pretty much accept anyone on "The Stalker Site" aka Facebook. Notice I said, "pretty much."

I guess this all started about two years ago when I really got into MySpace. Many of my friends and acquaintances were becoming users as well, and it was really fun finding people I had lost track of and seeing who was interested in re-connecting with me. Every now and then, however, I would get a request I just didn't want to accept. People have a weird obsession with my business anyway, so I tried to screen out people I thought seemed insincere.

So, this girl, who shall remain nameless, requested me on MySpace. I ignored it. She is someone I was NEVER friends with. In fact, not to sound too snobby, but I never liked her at all. And not in the mean, "I'm better than the poor little girl no one likes," kind of way. More, "I can't stand your annoying face and the fact that you think you're the shit" kind of way.

When she requested me on Facebook a few months later, I didn't think much of it. I just clicked "ignore" and went along with my business.

Let's just say that by now, the requests must total fourteen at least. I finally blocked her on Facebook, and have yet to figure out if she's just too dull to get the hint, or if she is THAT persistent. It's almost like she's stalking me. She even started showing up in unusual places.

I tried not to think much of it when I went to CMSU to be finger printed for work on a Friday afternoon in October, and I had to look the other way to avoid her as she walked in the door I was exiting. I called it "coincidence" when I took my car to the dealer for a replacement keyless entry and she was working on the car next to me. And when I pretended not to recognize her, she was SURE to remind me who she was. As. If. I. Didn't. KNOW.

The last straw with my pseudo-stalker was Saturday. It was my ten year reunion. It has been TEN years since I graduated high school. I'm not a rocket-scientist, but I'm pretty sure that the premise of a reunion is for the graduating class to reunite every five years or so. Senior year is the year that brings people together, and forms our opinions of high school in general. That is the group we reunite with.

I had noticed on the reunion's facebook page (yes, it has one) she was attending. I started pondering her involvement. Wait a minute. Didn't she move freshman year? She did! So the girl, who didn't even graduate with us, who I'm PRETTY sure stalks me (although I tend to be a bit over-dramatic at times), who friend requested me (and several other stubborn ones) FOURTEEN TIMES showed up at our ten year reunion, and acted like we were all the best of buddies.

I tried to avoid her presence as much as possible, but when she pulled her ghetto-mobile up to the shelter house and began blaring distorted, questionable music, I ducked behind a pole as each Warsawian drove by to see what the ruckus was.

What started as a simple battle of wills has now become a staunch effort at avoidance on my part. Do they have a cyber witness protection program?

****As I am looking at group pictures on Facebook I see my stalker, FRONT AND CENTER in all the pictures of the "Class of 99" I giggled.****